In response to the Coronavirus pandemic Southern Stay Disability Services has put many things into place with the key aim of keeping residents, participants, our staff and our communities safe.  Our COVID Safe Plan covers our communications (staff and participants), personal protective equipment, cleaning, workforce, safety procedures and governance.


The following provides a summary of some of our actions from the plan. Please contact our agency for further information.

  • Program Cancellations – Group based programs and some non-essential supports have ceased and will transition back as per Government guidelines.

  • Visitor Restrictions – Visitor restrictions to our Supported Independent Living Houses continue as per Government Guidelines. Where we can we have arranged alternate communications (e.g. videoconferencing) to support residents and families to keep in touch.

  • Temperature Checks – Temperature checks and sign in sheets for all people entering Southern Stay workplaces have been put into place.

  • Communications - Southern Stay will continue to get its information from trusted sources (e.g. Dept of Health, DHHS) and local networks. We will aim to provide all staff, families and participants with relevant information as it becomes available.

  • Cleaning - Extra cleaning is taking place in homes, vehicles and offices; particularly areas where people congregate.

  • Social Distancing - Signage and line marking has been displayed in all offices to promote social distancing.

  • Risk Assessments – Risk assessments have been completed for participants, residents and staff to identify people at higher risk of infection. This information will be used to target our essential supports and safeguard staff and participant safety.


The rate of change means that further interventions will be likely. We will be closely monitoring all health advice issued by the Department of Health and Human Services and will keep you up to date as further advice is issued.