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Southern Stay Disability Services is an accredited, not for profit, disability service organisation providing a range of services to people with a disabilities and their families in the south west of Victoria. Supports have been provided since 1982 and today services are provided to over 700 people by a work force of 260 caring and professional staff. 


The Purpose of the organisation is


  1. To provide accommodation and support services through the South West region of Victoria for people with disabilities;

  2. To encourage participation of people with disabilities in the community; and

  3. To promote the ability of people with disabilities to live successfully and actively in the community.


Our Vision is to enrich the lives of people with a disability by promoting choice, inclusion and achievement.


Our Mission is to provide a range of accommodation, programs and services based on peoples individual needs and to work with our community to enhance opportunities for the people we support


Our Values - As we move forward with our vision we will be guided by what is important to us.


  • Client Focus –refers to being focused at all times on achieving client goals and aspirations (daily living, health and well being, accommodation, learning, relationships, control and choice, social and community participation)

  • Respect – We respect the individuality of all and embrace the collective strength gained from each other’s support.  Respect will be demonstrated by assuring confidentiality and privacy at all times, respecting differences and being aware of individual freedoms and values.

  • Empowerment – ensuring the people we support have choice, control and a voice in determining the supports, services and community activities they need in their lives

  • Dignity – ensuring the people we support feel in control, valued, confident, safe, comfortable and able to make decisions for themselves.

  • Inclusion – refers to staff genuine belief in the rights of people with a disability to have full social and economic participation

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